Dry Brush Massage

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As part of the morning protocol for body detoxification, we can use the twenty minutes of “oil pulling” to help the most extensive organ we have: the skin.

It’s very simple, you just need a skin brush with natural bristles. If you are in Costa Rica you can order it at www.macrobioticacr.com. Every morning you should dry-brush your body before taking a shower, with circular movements, starting with the soles of the feet and even reaching the neck. The skin may take a pink but not red tone, avoid sensitive, varicose or irritated areas.

I recommend setting up the environment with relaxing music or a candle, you can consider this time as a meditation where you calm your mind, relieve stress and connect lovingly with your own body.

Some benefits of dry brush massage that you will begin to notice very quickly are, for example, exfoliation: by removing dead skin and cleaning your pores, you will feel softer skin and significantly improve your appearance. It also stimulates your lymphatic system allowing it to do its job better to eliminate cellular debris. Activate your circulation and reduce cellulite as it softens the fat deposits that are under the skin. It helps you relieve stress, connects you with your emotions and increases self-esteem. Some people have reported that brushing the body has helped them improve digestion and kidney function since they massaged in areas where there are lymph nodes.

At the end of this process you can take a bath and I always recommend doing it with a natural soap so that it does not cause dry skin and even better if you use a moisturizing soap. After the bath you can put on coconut or sesame oil, never use mineral oil since it is a petroleum derivative.

By Fanny Barquero

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